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Product designed by Roberlo that groups the Disolac line’s merchandising and color tools together in a single item.

By means of this practical kit, users can extend their knowledge on the Disolac tintometric system and, at the same time, have all the color tools that are needed to apply it together in one place.

In this way, distributors, importers and paint shops can complement their image with products specifically made for this industrial sector line.

This complete kit comes in a customised, convenient and easy-to-transport box. Furthermore, it includes more than five useful promotional items designed for daily work in different areas of the industrial sector.

Specifically, the Disolac Color Tools Kit contains: 1 Disolac gradient chart, 1 Disolac gradient poster, 1 identification magnet pack for the Disolac bases, 100 Disolac Ready Mix labels in various formats (1L – 4L), 4 Disolac catalogues, 2 Disolac pens, 1 Disolac sports bag, 3 Disolac T-shirts, 3 Disolac polo shirts and 2 Disolac overalls.

Артикул № Спецификация Содержание Упаковка  
68757 - - 1
68758 USA Version - 1

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